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neverfull mm louis vuitton A ‘dad bod’ fanny pack may soon exist

louis vuitton bag repair A ‘dad bod’ fanny pack may soon exist

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And it comes in an array of skin tones and hair patterns.

The fanny pack once a source of embarrassment for ’90’s kids at theme parks and on vacations everywhere had a rebirth when designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Coach strapped them on models and sent them down runways. Similarly, the soft stomachs and squishy shapes that fathers sometimes find themselves gravitating toward in their 40s and beyond became an acceptable if not enviable body type in recent years thanks to celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Pratt and Jason Segel. The DadBag is a fanny pack made to look like a man’s gut or beer belly.

“My inspiration was seeing all the posts about dad bods being cool,” 27 year old DadBag inventor Albert Pukies told HuffPost. “I think people want them because of that reason. You can have a dad bod without any health issues.”

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The packs are not yet available for purchase, but Pukies told the Daily News that they’re in development and will be available in time for Christmas.

There are six different styles in the works, which feature “The Allen,” a mid tone (in color, not in muscle) man’s stomach, lightly covered in fine hairs. “The Derek,” what appears to be a black man’s gut, makes the bag inclusive to guys of differing races. There’s “The Wolfgang,” a ruddy color for a white guy in the cold, and “The Sherman,” for the dude who could braid his body hair if he really wanted to.

When HuffPost asked what he imagines men would carry around in the DadBag, Pukies said “typical dad items like beer, medicine, a sandwich, wallet, sunglasses, keys.”
neverfull mm louis vuitton A 'dad bod' fanny pack may soon exist