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for a while.

Janelle Labrecque and her husband were enjoying a tropical holiday when they received the notification Saturday morning.

I call my kids at home and say my goodbyes or is this too early, like I don know, said Labrecque recounting her reactionafterseeing the alert. was the first time my mind went a little bit crazy. word got out the alert was fake, Labrecque said their hotel lobby was pure chaos, describing people hauling luggage in one hand and talking on their cell phones with the other to loved ones.

The ordeal spoiled what was supposed to bea relaxing vacation for the Saskatoon couple. She is ready to go home.

take the 50 C and feel safe any day. Even though it was false, it of in theback of your mind. other Saskatchewan people on vacation in Hawaii received the alert and described the short term panic that ensued.

Ryan Moskal from Regina said he and his girlfriend checked local media outlets to learn that it was a false alarm. After the initial worry about where to take shelter, they decided to get back to enjoying their vacation.
louis vuitton bags men after fake missile alert