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louis vuitton women bags ahead for Kempsey’s Old Smithy Recording Studios

She also dismissed a neighbour’s complaint that the development could lead to traffic in a lane next to the studio, which is currently used by Severn Trent Water.

Mrs Murfin added that she and her husband have right of way over part of the lane adjacent to their driveway.

The resident said: “The Old Smithy Studios play a significant role in musical history and whilst we understand that the owners see this as an opportunity to capitalise on their land it seems a sad loss for the area to knock the studios down.

“The building work would cause increased noise and disruption at the rear of our property and we are concerned the building vehicles would damage our property.

“We would also need to consider the security of the rear of our property as any person would easily be able to access our garden (this is currently stopped by the locked gate).”

District councillor David Harrison, who represents the area, told the council he did not want to see the application come before the Northern Area Planning Committee.

He backed the planning officer’s recommendation to grant planning permission, which meant the council’s head of planning was able to approve the development through ‘delegated powers’.

John Michael, the other district councillor for Kempsey, had previously declared an interest in the application.

Sharon Baxter, clerk for Kempsey Parish Council, also told planners that the council had ‘great concerns’ about parking provision.

She wrote: “Kempsey Parish Council has great concerns about adequate parking on both sites and the turning space is an excessive distance away from each garage.”

She also stated that councillors questioned how Severn Trent Water would reach the pumping station next to the site and whether this access would bother the householders.

The land set to be developed also includes various outbuildings, which can now be demolished, and is bordered by Hatfield Brook and Kempsey Primary School.

Resident Lisa Stevens has also expressed concerns about whether the proposed homes would look onto school classrooms that could be built near the properties.
louis vuitton totally mm ahead for Kempsey's Old Smithy Recording Studios