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louis vuitton top Arrest made for Dynasty Care Home owner

Upon further investigation, it was found the deceased resident was denied medications, with no explanation as to why. Paulk had been paid over $6,000 in three months for that resident’s care.

Investigators also learned Paulk had been using the other residents’ identities to set up phone and internet lines for herself without their permission. The phone line for Dynasty Personal Care Home was actually in the name of one of the residents.

Paulk is facing six counts of neglect of a disabled or elderly adult, three counts of exploitation of a disabled or elderly adult, two counts of identity theft, and one count of obstructing the investigation. Johnson is facing charges of neglect of a disabled or elderly adult, and two counts of making false statements in a government investigation.

Clarification: In our original reports of this story about Dynasty Care Group, the owner of another personal care home was shown. Allean Moseby of Moseby Personal Care Home, says she was picking up a client to take to her care home and was shown in news broadcasts. Ms. (WRDW/WAGT) After a massive investigation centered on a personal care home death of 59 year old Edward Dath, several new developments have surfaced. Seven of those 15, though, are just from this year alone.

Since 2016, the group home has had four residents wander or go missing.

What’s more, a report was filed earlier this year against the owner for financial transaction fraud on a resident living at the home.

Still, two weeks ago the Georgia Department of Human Services placed a call pertaining to a resident in a soiled diaper answering the door, as well as a caretaker at Dynasty sleeping in a room drunk. The residents, also, told the deputy they were hungry and had not eaten.

News 12 NBC 26 at 11 O’Clock / Tuesday, July 25,
louis vuitton steamer trunk Arrest made for Dynasty Care Home owner

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) A massive investigation centered around a personal care home after the death of a 59 year old man. The coroner says members of the staff found Edward Dath dead this morning.

“We come home from the mall around 2:30, 3 o’clock. I mean, it was covered up in that corner,” said Janice Whitaker, who lives near Kings Grant Drive.

The street was covered with Richmond County deputies, the District Attorney’s Office and code enforcement investigating the death of 59 year old Edward Dath who was found dead this morning by a staff member inside a personal care home.

“I knew it was a group home, but other than that I didn’t know anything,” said Whitaker.

What we do know is that the Department of Community Health lists the owner as Dynasty Care Group. The licensed capacity for the facility is six people, and code enforcement found enough violations to condemn the building.

“The neighborhood is not like it used to be. It seems to me like it’s going down,” said Whitaker.

In the past few months, personal care homes have also been a topic of discussion for Augusta commissioners. The District Attorney’s office is helping to create a task force to enforce guidelines for personal care home. But for right now, the District Attorney says a man is dead. Dynasty Care Group is suspended, and this investigation is just getting underway.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of death. Dath was last seen alive at the personal care home by a staff member according to Mark Bowen, the Richmond County Coroner.

Several agencies assisted with the investigation and continue to investigate including the District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Code Enforcement, Department of Public Health and the Fire Department Inspector.
louis vuitton steamer trunk Arrest made for Dynasty Care Home owner