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louis vuitton twitter Attic fire doused at Rollins School

LAWRENCE After a fire that apparently broke out in the attic of the John R. Rollins School late Saturday afternoon was brought under control, school officials were left wondering if the building will be ready to reopen after New Years.

Rollins Principal James O’Keefe, who was at the scene,said he would not commentas to the extent of the damages or how much of the building was affected by the fire until he learned more from fire officials.

“It’s a beautiful, historic building and we’ve been celebrating its 125th year all this year,” O’Keefe said while standing across the street from his school.

O’Keefe would not comment as to what was stored in the building’s attic, if anything, or what could have possibly caused the attic fire.

Firefighters on the scene said a firefighter working at the Howard Street Engine 6 station, which is across from the school, was the first person to see smoke and “a glow” coming from the building’s attic area before the first alarm was struck.

Firefighters were seen connecting then disconnectinga fire hose from a hydrant at the bottom on Platt Street, where it meets Woodland Street, then were seen running a very long line down Woodland Street,
how much are louis vuitton shoes Attic fire doused at Rollins School
in a southern direction.

According to the Lawrence Public Schools website, in 2008, the Rollins opened as an Early Childhood Center housing Pre K and Kindergarten students. There are presently 170 students enrolled in the Rollins Early Childhood Center. There are a total of 50 staff members.

One of those staff members, Jean Fothergill, teaches preschool, kindergarten and what she referred to as “medically fragile” students at the Rollins.

Fothergill said she was concerned about a large mural on a wall in the auditorium that she’s been working on for two years. She said the mural, which contains images of Lawrence such as old mill buildings, may have suffered water damage.

“It would be nice if it wasn’t totally destroyed as it’s pretty neat,” she said about her mural.

The Rollins Early Childhood Center is located at 451 Howard St. at the top of Prospect Hill.

The building itself is located in the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1892, it wasnamed after a prominent citizen, Civil War veteran, superintendent of schools and Mayor John R. Rollins. Outstanding features of the school include a clock tower and bell that rings on the hour.
how much are louis vuitton shoes Attic fire doused at Rollins School