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Please answer all questions in English.

When you and your spouse have completed your sections, please give the forms to the minister of your parish so he/she can complete his/her section. Once that is complete and returned to you, you are then responsible to send it on to the Director of ATTS through either Canada Post or through email (address is listed above).

Please give the letter at the end of this form to your local doctor or nurse. You are also responsible to include a vulnerable sector criminal record check with this application (can be obtained from the RCMP).

The information in this application form will be kept confidential, being seen only by those involved in the application process.

__ Yes __ No

If your spouse is ordained after completing the course, are you willing to serve with him/her in any part of the Diocese that the Bishop wishes to send you, even if it is among people who are different from you?

__ Yes __ No

Have you had any struggles (alcohol abuse, illegal drug use, gambling, etc) that could hinder your ministry? If so, please write about it, describing how you have dealt with these issues in the past and indicate how you plan on resisting temptation while in a new community.

This section is to be completed by the applicant’s licensed minister.

Please note this application is confidential and is not to be discussed with the student and spouse. Your answers will only be seen by those involved in the application process.

Have you read the student’s application?: __ Yes __ No

Have you read the spouse’s application?: __ Yes __ No

To be the best of your knowledge, is the information in this application accurate? __ Yes __ No

If your answer is no, please indicate where there is disagreement:

The person who gives you this letter and his/her spouse are applying to attend a two year course at the Arthur Turner Training School in with a view to being ordained for ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada.

In order to admit the applicant, we need to ensure that he/she and his/her spouse is in adequate health to complete the course and perform the duties of a church minister in a northern community. We are not seeking a detailed medical examination, but only a professional opinion on the applicant’s overall health and the overall health and his/her spouse.

Your comments will be confidential, being seen only by those involved in the student’s application. Please send your comments to the Director of Arthur Turner Training School, to the address written above.
louis vuitton bags on sale ATTS Application