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The Town of Atlantic Beach has developed this list of frequently asked questionsto help keep your visit to our Town and Beaches safe and enjoyable. Download the complete PDF version.

1. Where are the public boat ramps and fishing piers located?

Recycling is picked up every Monday. Recycling bins are available for free during regular business hours. Contact 252 726 1366 for additional information.

4. What do I do if my trash can disappears or breaks?

Replacement trash cans, wheel axle sets, and upper/lower bars can be purchased at the Town Hall. It is recommended that homeowners paint their street address on their garbage cart.

5. I changed my name and/or address. How do I change that information on my taxes and water accounts?

Changes to tax accounts may be provided to the Tax Collector at (252)726 2121, but must also be provided to the County Tax office at (252)728 8535 as our tax information is imported annually from the County records. Information on water accounts may be changed by contacting the Billing Clerk at (252)726 1366.

6. Where can I register to vote?

Registration forms for voting are available at the Atlantic Beach Town Hall and at the Carteret County Board of Elections office in Beaufort,
louis vuitton limited edition Atlantic Beach
(252) 728 8460.

7. When are vehicles allowed on the beach?

Beach driving is allowed from October 1st through March 15. Annual beach permits are available for purchase for $50 (residents) and $75 (non residents) at the Town Hall during regular business hours and at the Fire Department on the weekends. A valid drivers license and registration card for a four wheel drive vehicle must be presented at time of purchase. ATV are not allowed to drive on the beach at any time.

8. May I camp out, ride horses or have fires on the beach?

Due to safety, the Town ordinances prohibit camping, horseback riding and fires on the beach.

9. In the event of a hurricane,
louis vuitton limited edition Atlantic Beach
how would I be able to return to my residence after the storm?

The Town provides AB real/personal property owners and active AB businesses with up to two free permanent re entry passes per parcel number on record with the Carteret County Tax office upon receipt and verification of a completed Re Entry Permit Application. Additional permits may be purchased for $25 each by the current property owner if needed. All permits shall convey upon sale of the property to the new owners.