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mens louis vuitton clothing Auri ditches shoes for licensing

louis vuitton tumblr Auri ditches shoes for licensing

Auri Inc., an upscale shoemaker once touted as one of America’s most promising companies by Forbes, has shuttered its line of shoes to focus on licensing its technology to established luxury footwear brands.

The company closed its North Laguna showroom and headquarters earlier this year as part of the move.

Rosenbaum, a Laguna Beach resident, cited the high costs associated with trade shows, samples, marketing materials, factories, inventory and being a public company.

He said the decision to move away from manufacturing and branding to licensing cut overhead costs by approximately 80%.

Rosenbaum got the idea for the company while watching a group of beautifully dressed women leave a Las Vegas nightclub, designer shoes in hand not on foot.

It made him wonder what women would do if five inch heels were actually comfortable.

“Why wouldn’t you want fashion shoes that don’t hurt?” he said. “It’s just so obvious.”

It may be obvious, but it’s definitely not easy to brand. Fashion and comfort are like oil and vinegar when it comes to footwear,
mens louis vuitton clothing Auri ditches shoes for licensing
Rosenbaum said.

“The minute you say ‘comfort shoes’ you think Grandma,” he said.

His goal was to change that. When he first started his company, he paired technical designers with fashion designers. He admits the collaboration wasn’t easy but eventually they found common footing, no pun intended.

Now he believes the change can happen on a large scale, he said, and he can help.

“When you buy a luxury brand shoe like a Louboutin it just hurts like hell,” he said. “That’s not true luxury. That’s not. We want to offer true luxury brands.”

He compared it to a five star resort, complete with the most comfortable bed, softest sheets and pillows. What if the bed was hard as a rock? He said people don’t stand for that when they pay for a luxury hotel room, and they shouldn’t stand for it with luxury shoes either.

Rosenbaum hopes to partner with brands, like Prada,
mens louis vuitton clothing Auri ditches shoes for licensing
that have a loyal following and brand recognition that could use his technology in some of their shoes.